International SMALL HANDS Academy and ÜTOPYA

International Small Hands Academy

International Small Hands Academy was established in 1996 by Leman Çetin, an educator/a researcher who wasn't happy with her daughter’s preschool experience, and who wanted to give her son a better education.

Small Hands offers High Quality Early Childhood Education in Istanbul, Turkey with part time and full time options Monday through Friday.

Part time: 09.00 to 13.00 including morning fruit snack and a homemade hot lunch.

Full Time: 09.00 to 15.30 including morning fruit snack, a homemade hot lunch and afternoon snack.

There are four Small Hands branches:

  • Etiler (European side) - ages 2-6 / English, Japanese Groups

  • Rumelihisari (European side) - ages 2-6 / English Groups

  • Selamiçeşme (Asian side) - ages 2-6 / English Groups

  • Çekmeköy (Asian side) - ages 3-6 / English Groups

Utopya Primary & Secondary School

Ütopya Primary/Secondary School was established by Leman Çetin in 2007 as a continuity of Small Hands. It is located on the same campus as Çekmeköy Small Hands. Ütopya offers High Quality Primary and Secondary School Education from 1st through 8th grades, for children and teenagers.

Turkish National Curriculum/Turkish Education

English as a Second Language/ Foreign Language Curriculum

French, German, Spanish as a Foreign Language Curriculum

We believe:

  • Safety comes first (physical, emotional, mental, social)

  • All children should have the right to an enjoyable childhood

  • Holistic teaching to promote physical, emotional, relational, spiritual and intellectual development of our children

  • Acting now! Effectively and efficiently, in even the most volatile and uncertain times.