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In our Rumelihisari Small Hands Campus we provide English and Turkish groups with the Immersion Program. Since 1999, our Small Hands Rumelihisari campus has been nestled in the beautiful surrounding of Rumelihisari. We have the luxury of being in the center of Istanbul, while at the same time we are well hidden in the valley of the Rumelihisari Castle. The strong and powerful walls of the castle keep us safe and secluded from chaos of the city and of the world. The steady and peaceful atmosphere of our school allows us to become almost camouflaged within the little forest that surrounds us. Your child will spend a few hours every day with us, learning, laughing and living as we help you to prepare them for the world that awaits. To do this we need to communicate with you as closely as possible, and establish an open flow of information between kindergarten and parent.

Your child will come home eager to tell you everything that has happened at school with bright eyes and gestures. They will share with you what they saw, smelled, felt, and heard, and what the other children and their teacher did. Your child may also keep the stories of that day for his/herself, as a big secret. Even with prying questions you may only have the chance to guess all that your child has experienced and learned in a day at our kindergarten.

Days like these would be a good opportunity to write a small note in the link book or ask a quick question to the teacher at pick up time to find out a little more. “How was her/his day today?” so you can find out about how your child has participated in all activities, played with new friends and gained some of those all important social skills. Conflict, negotiation and resolution, which may include learning to apologise, are all part of kindergarten life that you will hear about. You may also enjoy finding out about how your child is learning to become independent by taking care of belongings and also taking care of the outdoor garden. By staying in contact and sharing information, together we will help you and your child feel settled into our school and enjoy your time with us.

Additionally, during the last few years we have established lots of outdoor activities with the children. All weekly plans include several opportunities to engage with nature and each group will also take turns using the back garden classroom for an entire week.

All the very best wishes,

Leman Çetin & The Small Hands Team


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